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Barber house and yard redevelopment to Eagle Wing early education center

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Gatway packers/ vulcan iron works

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as time goes this interesting peac of industrial architecture dating back to the 1870's has slowly become quite the eye sore when really it should be a vital peac to the urban fabric that is point douglas and the city of winnipeg.

there's a small area that is big enuff you could toss a museum to industrial history in manitoba/ genral strike labour history then theres the big open spaces with the over head cranes where a market could be set up or be used as venues for socials ect gym space or bee rented out as storage space for peoples boats ect and then theres the area to the east with all the random bits of junk and industrial equitment sitting there could be used for parking or more green space/ parking with select bits of industrial junk being left in place to be evolving canvis's for art

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