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- able wholesale fire july 19 2006 (31)
summer 2006 fire breaks out at able hole sale total loss

demolished fall 2009

- euclid and hallet fire 2007 (16)
fire on july 24 2007 at Euclid and Hallet

repairs finished fall 2010

- pritchard docks (3)

- 1997 flood (2)
photos from when pointdouglas almost flooded

if walls could talk this one did

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sign that was uncoverd during repairs to the old corner store across from metro

westend dumplings has a good peac on the history he dug up the day of the discovery of this mural
here: http://westenddumplings.blogspot.ca/2014/09/a-brief-glimpse-at-constant-macaroni.html

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